Parents, My Parents!

Webster’s Dictionary defines as such..


noun \ˈper-ənt\

Definition of PARENT

a : one that begets or brings forth offspringb : a person who brings up and cares for another
a : an animal or plant that is regarded in relation to its offspringb : the material or source from which something is derived
This is a pretty good definition of what a parent is.  I have my own thoughts and views as to what I FEEL a Parent should be.   Sure, I am probably going to start a lot of controversy here but what the hell… It’s only a blog right?
To begin with I am definitely an offspring of 2 people who fell in love, married and had me.  They were grade school sweethearts, and this relationship had carried through way beyond high school years.   If the story I am about to tell is partially correct, or even 99.8 % correct, I did my job as a child, listening to my parents as they brought me and my brother up and listened to just about everyone boast about how this all happened, so please excuse me for 1 minute, if I may make a mistake as i have heard it from so many.    Mom and Dad to which i knew them, started dating in the 7th grade.  My mom was always such a pretty lil one, and well my dad strong and handsome, but could be somewhat of a pistol..(hmm, wonder if this is where i get that from), whereas my Mom was such a sweet, kind, caring,loving girl even back then.. ( Now, I KNOW that’s where I got THAT from)  :).     These 2 fell in love and became sweethearts almost immediately.    No questions, it was true love!  ❤ …  Well, as they went thru school and became more mature adults my dad’s parents would take my mom on vacations with them to White Water Wisc.  Where my grandparents had a home.. a very serene, place right on White Water.   This is the place that my dad took my mom out in the canoe and proposed under the sunset.  When they had come back everyone at White water could hardly wait for the answer, as my mom and dad came off the canoe.   They all loved my mom like she was one of their own, it has become a nightly ritual for my mom and dad to be talking on the phone with one another every night after homework and such was done, and many a night they would fall asleep on the phone together.  My grandma likes telling me just where my dad would be found after following the phone cord night after night, under the dining room table…sound asleep with phone still attached to his ear…:)
(It just so happens that I am living in the house that my dad grew up in,  to me.. it don’t get much better then that)
So night after night, of long night phone calls, and all of the fun things, trips, and such that they would take my mom on with them as they went as a family,  it was soon going to become a reality.. As the 2 of them made their wedding vows, mom was a beautician and dad worked at the nuc plant.   I may be off a few years here, but who’s counting.. what comes next is the best anyway… So they bought a little house, that sat on 10th avenue in RF, and is still there today.  Well, what had become of that late night phone romancing turned into 9 months later having the sweetest little baby they ever laid eyes on… ME!   🙂   I Happened.  That’s a miracle in itself, because from the time I could remember until now, I felt very fortunate to had the best parents in the world.  2 years later they broke the mold and i had a new baby brother, boy did that kid ever have this head shaped like an egg.  It was like amazing.. but no wonder after 30 some hours of trying to give birth to that kid, it’s no wonder right?   Oh my little brother, I adored so, and still do to this day.. I truly believe that because of that egg-shaped head when he was born, he got it all, talent, singing, acting, seriousness, politicalness, and on and on.. Dude, for real, there was a reason for that.. He had it all and I got Jack shit!!!  🙂  Well my last name, and I absolutely LOVE that name…:)
My parents were the most loving, caring, fun, individuals you would have ever envisioned.  They rocked parenting well.  They worked together so hard, to give my brother and I the tools that we needed to find our own inner selves and strength.. little did we know we were gonna need this later on.  I mean really, you just don’t find parents that work that hard together to make a life full of love, and devotion, and all around joyous.  They were a real team, a grand pair so to speak.  Mom, was able to go back to school and Chad and I went with her to Sauk, where I can vividly remember driving in our orange VW Rabbit, back and forth to the school, so Chad, I and JoJo could go to “school” while mom was working on her degree.  It seemed as every morning as we were rounding the curve on RT2 on our way to Dixon, John Denver would come on the radio singing.. Country Roads, take me home.. to a place.. I belong.. which at the time really didn’t mean much to either Chad or I, as we were perfectly content in the backseat eating our donut and drinking our milk, and talking about what kind of day we were going to have at “school”.   So, as the years went on, as mom was going to school dad was working jobs that he could be home with us when mom wasn’t.  We started growing up.. There was so much to be said about us growing up in our family.  We had all the love my parents could muster.  They had the love, that really anyone to have known them would have wanted.    Plus, we had grandparents, and even a great-grandma who was amazing in herself.   They all helped out when needed!!  We were one tough family.. always beside one another.. no matter what!!!!
So, clearly as time went on Chad and I both were able to witness my beautiful mama walking across that stage at NIU getting her Masters Degree in Education.   Once mom was done with school, dad decided that he wanted to continue his degree as well.    He decided that he wanted to be a broker/owner of Kimmel Realty.   He also finished his degree and went on to be a wonderful business man and a very proud one at that.  As you can I have skipped through many phases in our lives only, because if i hadn’t this would have turned into a book and quite honestly I don’t even know how i am writing this at all right now.  I mean it is only 4 30 am…:)
Chad and I were taught to respect and honor those elder to us, have respect when speaking, and learn respect things about ourselves and others, that no-one could have set a better path for that then our parents, it’s still what I have instilled into my boys as well.  Oh wow, i just skipped MANY years…lol
So, as I got through school, and Chad was working his way thru, they taught the most important thing we could have learned at that time.. Work Ethics.  They both had excellent ones, as Chad and i do as well.  We both wanted to be teachers growing up, as our parents wanted us to set goal within and for ourselves, which we did.  Just so happened that we both chose a profession that really wasn’t going to make either of us a whole lot of money but, we would end up doing fine for ourselves,  So as Chad finished high school, the day of his graduation my dad has a heart attack and passed away…Graduation day for my brother was nothing as it should have been, but still even tho, all of that had happened that morning he still got up on that stage and accepted his diploma for dad!!  Of course for himself as well, but he knew… he knew that dad was so proud of him, as he was with us both.  We had become devastated.  One of the hardest days in our lives as I can ever remember, but one that really opened our eyes as to what had to be done be done next.  So we did what dad would have wanted us to.  We took care of mama, and went on our ways with finishing our educations.  A year later I had my first son born, Michael James, after his grandpa.  He would have been so proud!!!!    My dad was a special guy to all of us and we miss him deeply.   Chad went on to school, to get his degrees in Drama, or the Arts as some of us refer to it as.. and now has his Elementary Education Degree ( Masters plus)  and is teaching school in Chicago, for the 9th year I believe.  Forgive me if i am wrong Chad, but you know what my memory is like…:)
I well, i finished up my College degree and well then went and had and another amazing son, Brayden.   I then had my degree finished with early childhood education and had a nice little family going.  Enjoying my loves, and keeping mama busy when she wasn’t working or being with her friends so much of the time, thank you Kelly.. You have and will always be one person I look up to forever in my life!!!!  love ya girl..
So, Mom decided that she didn’t want any type of relationship at this point, which was just fine by Chad, Michael and  we were a lil stingy then I do believe.  However, about 10 years after dads passing, we has this huge 50th surprize party for mom… There was this man who has always intrigued me.  A friend of my dad’s that hunted with him.  As I was making these plans for the party, I call my brother and i say, HEY.. I have the best idea in the world… lol  He already knew by this time i was completely full of shit because as i have stated many time previously he got it all, looks, talent, voice.. you name it.. he had it…:)  He was like oh boy… I can almost hear him saying it now…:))   I said remember that friend of mom and dads that used to come to our house and dad used to go hunting with him, and Chad’s like yes, Terry Walker?  I said YEAH!!!   What would you think about inviting him to mom’s party… Chad said go ahead and see where that leads you.. Thinking that I’m def not a match maker or something I mean really.. He was the one that HAD it all remember…:)   I send Terry an invite to mom’s party… to be quite honest, just filling out the invitation gave me these butterfly things, and I was like woahh, what is wrong with me?   So, the day after the RSVP date, I get a phone call, and he is like Hi this is Terry Walker, is this Amy.. Ohhhh i got the biggest smile in the world going on.. I said it sure is, he said well, I just seen that i had laid this card off to the side meaning to call you since i received it to let you know i was going to come… I was like SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!   I didn’t care if he had a girlfriend or what not.. I was happy as all get out for once.. this pea for brains chic had such a great idea… :))   So I immediately called my brother and was like omg omg omg omg, guess who just called me.. He’s like what the hell calm down… If you know my brother at all, you know he clearly can get aggravated with me easily…LOL  I guess its cuz that’s where MY personality comes alive.. 🙂  When I talk!   So i told him and i could hear the smile in his voice as i told him, and we hung up and i immediately called Brenda to pass on the news to her as well…LOL  This was a happy day for me.. Something FINALLY worked in my favor…:))
So we have the party, my aunt, and cousins from florida, friends and family from Missouri all came.. It was one of the best parties to that date that we had, as we had somehow dwelled the last 10 years prior to that away… Our party turned into an OVERNIGHT success, and i truly mean that when i say overnight success… My mama and dad (Terry)  have now been married and together for the last 11 years.. and I am telling you what, the day that my dad asked us kids if he could marry my mama, It was the happiest day in my life!!  not just for me, as we were getting a step dad that my own dad would have been so happy with, but a grandpa the boys could grow up with and a love and a man  that my mom could love for the rest of her life… We have all truly been blessed by an angel, My real dad, that looks down on us and lead my mama and dad (Terry)  together.  The day of the wedding as mama was getting ready to come down the aisle, I said dad, please show me a sign if this is something you are happy with, and just as the congregation stood at the church to watch my beautiful mom walk down the aisle to our new step dad, the light flickered and i knew this was going to be the life that we were meant to have… I understand that no-one can ever take the place of a biological parent, but It was what my dad wanted, we wanted for my mom and everyone that loved them wanted for them as well.. and to be quite honest… I am so very blessed, because there is no-one in this life I would want for my dad, since i can’t have my real one then TERRY WALKER… Dad, you have been such a complete blessing to me, the boys, Chad and our significant others that we couldn’t be luckier then we are.  Thank you for coming to that party, and most of all thank you for being the dad we sooo deserved!!!!   It has been 11 amazing years and I hope for all of the rest of our years together to be just amazing as these have been.    Both of my dad’s have had my heart, and they will both continue to till the day I die.  He has really showed us so many things when it comes to love, guidance, happiness, and joy…
Just to end this wonderful little story that I have sat here and created, I have also been blessed with a sister I never had, yet played with as a child, and a brother as well… I feel very fortunate in my 41 years to have had 2 Dad’s that have completely stole my heart, and will always have my love, and respect in so many ways.  Not only was I blessed with one Great Father.. I have been blessed with 2, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world…
I love you Mom and Dad… and dad in heaven, I know you watch over all of us and guide us, and you are…Our Perfect Angel!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Parents, My Parents!

  1. chad says:

    I didn’t get all the talent. You got the talent of being patient and nice to people. I didn’t get that.

  2. Kelly Hoagland says:

    That was a great story, Amy. You told it well. Having a hard time seeing right now…… You’ve all been family to me, and always will be. Some things are just meant to be. 🙂
    ♥ you lots,

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