It’s been a few days…

I figured today would be a good time to write.  Today I learned alot, while being awake a couple of hours and sleeping just as many.

Have you really ever stopped to think about why someone would want to ruin someone else’s happiness?  Why do people live on drama alone?   How do you look at Drama?  What Classifies drama to you?

To me, Drama is someone or something that continues to try to stir up shit, despite it being over or just because they choose to hurt someone.  I thought as adults Drama should be null from our lives.  Have I been a part of it, sure.  Only because it was clearly evident I needed to play a part, did I like it, no… There are other ways around it.. For instance remove the person or persons that are causing that Drama.  Get rid of the BS that goes along with it, but when it comes to hurting someone I love, i will fight till the end.. Whether i love them or not.  I am an adult, I have been involved in the HS bullshit that is just that.. catty, bullshit.   Today, something hit me pretty hard when someone I love was involved in something that didn’t need to be.  Someone was just trying to hurt her and her boyfriend.  I don’t appreciate this period.  I am all about telling the truth and this was far from the truth as things were said and done that were complete and utterly uncalled for.   A person in their 40-50’s shouldn’t have to deal with this any LONGER.   Truth is, people need to stay out of others lives, UNLESS they are a PART of the lives of the people being affected.  Plain and Simple.  I don’t need the BS.. and neither do my family members.  Personally, I have been thru hell and back but did I put the drama out there on my FB to allow people to see what was going on in my life.  NO, and thats the way it should be.  No-one but my close friends and FAMILY knew what was going on and what was happening to me.. and that’s the way i wanted it.  So why do you insist on TRYING to make other peoples lives hell?

Get over your self, and move on.. leave the people to be happy and live their lives.. and may you do the same in your small headed, self-centered, can’t settle down lifestyle.  What a great role model you are.. and I hope that you continue to be the way you are, because honestly.. NOONE is going to want to settle down with you, being the DRAMA QUEEN you are.  I could say a whole lot more but I will leave it at that.


Lastly, but not least… Leave my FAMILY OUTTA YOUR NASTY MOUTH!!!!!   You are no longer part of anything, so as the saying goes… hope you rot in the same shit you made!!!!!!!!

One thought on “It’s been a few days…

  1. ranton2011 says:

    When you are insecure and really have no life-you leech off everyone elses. Drama is all some people ever want. Me I could do without it, boredom would be good.

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