Scared, Worried.. yeah bout sums it up!

For some reason today, I just can’t stop crying.  I can’t lay, sit, stand, nothing to get comfortable.  I feel the pain thru my back, (all of my back)  Down into my legs, and even into my Cervical area.  I hope and pray that this isn’t heading in that direction.  Who will know this?  Who will tell me?  I just want a freaking break from it all.  It’s make my head spin in 19 different directions.  

It’s continuous and doesn’t let up for even 5 minutes per say.  I have been moving around, walking the best I can.. as i put my best foot forward the next step feels as if i am stepping on a nest of fire ants.  The pain radiates so far… Oh, this has not been the way i planned to start my new Year,  This has GOT to get better.  When, I wish I knew.  How, hopefully a block will help… I just don’t know. anymore…I only wish I did!!!


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