Getting Phunked when Phunked was plainly not WHAT I was wanting….:))

As always just another day in the lovely hickabilly household.  Where pain is our Main Game!!!    RSD 10 and Amy straight ass O.

Well, this time the pain just kept up and kept up, to a degree of such, that even taking my strongest pain-killer (to which i will NOT disclose to you..:))  I begged, I prayed, I begged and pleaded for it to just go the hell away…  I listened to music which has ALWAYS been my way out.. and out I mean, my way out of everything… I turn it up, good and loud… well just loud enough for me to be able to handle it..

As the day got longer the night was longer too, no touching me with anything, pjs, blankets, sheets nothing… I suffered through until the next morning when I talked to Mom and could no longer take it any more.   After Michael helping me down the steps which i was even AFRAID to attempt he got me to Mom’s car and off we went to the ER..  Where I met the FIRST. you hear me, the VERY FIRST  DR There that even KNEW what RSD WAS… or what it stood for… He asked me a few questions, and ordered up a shot and a pill that was the most disgusting tasting thing i have EVER had… ok, it wasn’t as bad as a cat scan cocktail but it sure the hell ran a close 2nd.   EWWWWW!    Just a FYI, quick acting Zofran is freaking NASTY.  Yeah, Big time!!  So I took that and let the ewww melt on my tongue and my hand was completely closed by this time.. the pain was too much for me to handle.  It was almost like the time the nurse putting the damn iv in my really bad arm, yeah.. That kinda pain the kind that you just can’t kick…

I got the shot, the Dr came in talked to me and told me in very strict way.. IF I would take my pain meds as prescribed on the bottle I wouldn’t be in this shape.. Yeah ok… It says, every 4-6 hours AS NEEDED… Dude look, I may be a sissy about a LOT of shit, but pain for some reason has become tolerable to a certain extent and I will take 1 a day if that is all I TRULY NEED… So back off jack, I know what my body handles…

Well… This time, I thought well since this ER dr was the 1st one to ever recognize RSD and KNOW About it maybe i ought to follow his instruction.  I did just that, too bad it put me into an almost 3 day medicine induced coma.   I couldn’t even touch my own face and feel it.  I had NO idea what was going on around me.. and that was WHEN I said BULLSHIT on this DR TOO…  I scared the hell out of my family, myself and little did I know that I should have ONLY listened to myself in this situation… God, Why?   So I take myself off of the pills completely here it is 3 days later, I am back to being me.. silly, talky, crazy, fun most of the time ME…  I had to write this, to get it out for 1… for 2.. I never want anyone to EVER experience the HELL I went through on those days.  and 3.. When you know your body well.. PLEASE listen to it!!!!

I have learned a very scary yet just another HELPFUL instrument in my Journey of RSD.   I hope that along the way through your journeys you can also help someone who may need it, but also be in tune to your own inner self and know when to say when… It’s no freaking wonder people get addicted to this shit man,  You have NO FEELING, truly i mean for real…NO FEELING PERIOD!!!!!


In closing I say with most light in my heart I possibly can… It’s bad enough we have to battle this monster.. but place yourself somewhere else for a minute and think… We need to walk this walk with the most positive attitudes we can obtain from this EFFIN DISEASE… and yes mom I didn’t say the full F BOMB…hehe     Have a little more love, and share a little more love… That my friends is what friends are for….<3 ❤ ❤

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