I feel my life with RSD/CRPS is like a freaking Circus Tent.. Up, down, UP, DOWN.. never stays up or down for any length of time… The pain is off the charts most times, and well.. the burning stinging, glass shard feeling, You would think that I would be getting pretty used to that but, I’m Not… It don’t go away, it don’t ever leave your body. The days you wish you just could crawl out of your own skin are the days you really want to go Crazy.

Then, on top of that, lets see at the count right now… 9 different medications to help with this disease.. 9 of them that are all supposed to do different things… All 9 of them work on my like a surgeon doing a very tedious surgery. Where does it end? Ohhh then, let’s talk about the mood swings, the temperature changes, the discoloration of the skin, the pretty lil lacey look also known as mottling. Yeah, that too. Oh when we do it.. We do it right!!
To bad that so many of these things were not caused by something we have done on our own, but something that has happened to us while working, having surgery, getting in accidents, you name it… hell, drop a can of peaches on your foot… YOU’RE THE NEXT CANDIDATE…. yes, that simple… You may not think simple.. but really that’s all it takes to join our famous Groups and GROUPS of people that suffer from this HELL all over the world and has been around for 144 years and NO-ONE knows how to cure it, HA, wait… there isn’t anything even CLOSE to a cure… or help most of the time… but it’s whatever…

Yeah, I sound hateful right now.. I AM… I am pissed off that the Medication we take does so many things to our bodies… causes this or that, and can do this or that… Yeah, yeah, whatever..

The thing I am having an issue with tonite is just this… Or lemme rephrase that… This Morning.. is that the medication that I take… IF I take it causes INSOMNIA.. IF I DO NOT TAKE IT… I CAN NOT MOVE!!! Our bodies go and go and go like a energizer bunny until the batteries run out… Yeah, our bodies do the same… Nice huh? What’s the point? Do we take them? Do we not.. the sleeping pills we can take, are just as bad as anything else.. and then they don’t even tend to work…. So, Yeah, I am pretty flippin angry right now… My body is killing me, It’s on fire, its swollen… but yet… There hasn’t been any sleep in sight for 2 nights now… Great… Sooooooooo Great….

So, What are the answers? Please tell me? I am begging to know What to do to fix this problem.. what to do to HELP WITH THIS… I get the same ole same ole… just keep doing what you’re doing… YEAH CUZ IT WORKS!!!!!!!!


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