Here we go again, and I’m not talkin about Whitesnake either…

It’s 1 am on Sunday night.  I’m all alone and feeling the same way, when online pops many of my RSD friends that are ALSO not able to sleep due to the insomnia that keeps us awake!   I believe that this is going on about 4 days now, with maybe 9 hours of sleep total.  Where does this road end?  When does the Journey that allows us all to get a bit of a break and allow us to sleep happen?  You would think with as many meds as most of us are on, that we would be able to get some sleep.   Not so much!!!

I remember when I first started with this disease and someone told me, Get all the sleep you can now, at anytime you can because before you know it.. Sleep will be a thing of the past.  WOW,  How I wish i would have listened.  Instead all i get is this saggy, baggy eye thing going on, yawning every 2 minutes and when I go to lay down…Not a dang thing happens!  I’ve tried all natural meds, I’ve tried sleeping meds, I’ve tried about anything and everything you can humanly imagine and here I still am, awake with my insomniac croonies!

We all know, that if we don’t get a good nights sleep, it turns into a hellish next day and it just keeps going on like that day after day.  You really would think that our bodies would just literally Shut themselves off after so many hours with NOTHING!  HA, yeah right!..

I am too the point where I just can’t take much more, it’s driving me to a breaking point.   I try and try and nothing seems to even come close to getting sleep.  It’s one thing after another, it continually goes on and on.   I am thankful for the friends I have made that have RSD as well, that are also a part of the insomniac club.  I don’t know what i would do without them!!!