Thank you Tara

Dear Tara,

I just wanted to take a few minutes here to call you out on believing in me enough to be able to sit down and write blogs. Here I am just doing the things that I have learned about through session for teens in trouble, and now I find myself doing the same thing. Writing. Writing when I am upset, hurting from the pain of my RSD, or just hurting in general.. The kids I used to work with, we would tell them to write when angered, upset, or just feeling a lil lonely. It’s a wonderful way to convey your feelings when you just do not want to share them outloud. I even had my step-daughter doing a journal this summer. She did so well and loved doing it every night after all of our bedtime rituals. It was amazing the things that I never thought she would even remember about our day, or the time we spent together, she did and wrote with all of her journaling on each page she would draw a face of how she was feeling. It was a great thing to see especially because she was almost 9 at the time.

So Thank you Tara, for making this so easy for me. I think of all the things I have been through over the summer, in the last 3 and a half years,, i have alot of things to write about. So I am pretty excited to get it all going. This is going to be good for my soul as well, some I will laugh some will make me cry, but most of all to open my heart to feel whole and complete again. That is something I am really looking forward too..

Here is a big to Tara, for everything you have done for me, your friendship means so much…..